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MHC, The Magic Hour Channel has been a long time in developing. In the late 1990's Edward Saint Pe' purchased an old library of films in New York, it was known as the Irving Singer Library. It was the dawn of the internet age and who knew what would happen next. Soon after the purchase, Edward got a call from an entrepreneur, Marc Cuban.  He needed content for his new project. There was an agreement to sell copies of the films to Marc, and these were the first films used on, video on the internet was now a reality. It was the beginning of a new age 


Ocean 7 TV, the home-base of WeatherVision, has six over-the-air channels. This fabled library has risen again and now is the content being used by MHC, the Magic Hour Channel. MHC airs over the air on the gulf coast on channel 7.2 live and simultaneously streams as a FAST channel nationwide via streaming apps, Roku, Amazon Fire, Android and Apple TV.  The service is free to the viewing public, bringing the golden age of Hollywood to everyone, young and old.


The film content spans the Golden Age, with films from the 1930's, 40's 50's & 60's . There are exciting plans in the works to include new, young filmmakers into the content stream of MHC going forward. 


 For MHC Distribution, Contact:

Magic Hour Welsh.png

For MHC Distribution, Contact:


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